Secure Boxed Set 2

Holding out for a hero? These heroes have everything: brains, brawn, and most of all, heart.

Book 4: Secure Her (Zach & Saoirse's Story)

Will his heart open for the right woman?

Zach  “Ice” Wentworth has just returned to the office after losing a female  operative—his former submissive—in an undercover mission gone wrong. A  Dominant since his early days in the Navy, Master Ice craves a new  submissive—but not someone he works with. He’s haunted by guilt and has  vowed to never lose another female operative under his protection.

US  Attorney Saoirse Kennedy arrives in Zach’s office on a mission to stop a  prolific human trafficking ring. She’s smart, brave, and decisive when  it comes to work, but in matters of the heart, she’s naïve and,  unbeknownst to her, a natural submissive.

Book 5: Secure Decision (Wes & Ellie's Story)

One decision can lead to love or tragedy.
Choose wisely.

Will Eleanor decide to put her life on the line to end the nightmare that’s haunted her since birth?

Must Wes decide between the case of missing women and Eleanor’s trust? Or can he have it all?

Book 6: Secure Return (Troy & Gwen's Story)

He’s been a hero for so many. It’s time to be a hero for himself.

As both cope with their pasts, they attempt to forge a  future. Can Gwen save Troy from his worst enemy—himself? And can Troy  overcome a new set of hurdles in time to save the love of his life?

Book 7, Secure Beginning (Kip & Harper's Story) is coming in 2022!

The  Chase Security Series follows the Chase brothers, Ian and Kieran, and  their team of former Navy SEALS and other military officers and is  intended for readers 18+ due to adult themes and content.

"This series will ruin you for all others. Truly and spectacularly amazing."

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Excerpt from Secure Her

Sunday, October 22nd

THE CHASE SECURITY International Navigator pulled to the departures curb at the San Diego airport. Zachary “Ice” Wentworth’s eyes twinkled with delight leaning inside the rear passenger door. “Sadie Lady, you take care of Mommy and Julian,” he said to the precocious four- year-old.

“Uncle Ice, Julian says I can call him Daddy. You can call him that too.” Sadie Morrison smiled from her car seat.

“Okay, Sadie.” He kissed her cheek. “Mommy, take care of Daddy for me.” He winked, holding the door for her to move up front. Then he turned to see Julian holding his bags. “Are you okay, Daddy?”

“Yeah,” his colleague and head of the San Diego Office, Julian “Smooth” Dupart, said. “You can stay another day and take the company plane.”

“It’s not a hardship to fly first class. Besides, I have an undercover operator class starting tomorrow.”

“You alright?” Julian cocked his head.

“It hurts, and it will for a while. I should’ve demanded she get out. Hua should have heeded me as mission control. That was the problem that ended our personal relationship. Lesson learned: running an operation with personal ties has legitimate issues.” A glint of sadness flashed through his sapphire blue eyes.

“I’m sorry. Guilt eats at you. I’m ready when you want to talk it through.” He knocked his fist against his heart and pointed to Zach. “Safe flight. I’ll talk to you at the division meeting on Thursday.”

“Take care of your two ladies and the little dot.” Zach repeated Julian’s gesture.

“Martin and his blips, me and my dot.” He smiled and climbed into the driver’s seat. Zach inhaled deeply and watched Julian pull away.

Excerpt from Secure Decision

Monday, March 19th

Wes Crockett settled behind his desk. Inhaling and exhaling, he tried to relax. Even the four- mile run followed by a two-mile swim did nothing for his rumbling gut. Today, the Chase Center for Training was expanding its programs with the addition of new staff he knew only by resumé and interview notes.

His fingers held the message his secretary handed him. It was only seven in the morning. He took a sip of coffee, ate some of his egg-white omelet, and dialed Mike Johnson’s number. The Deputy CEO of Chase Security International was doing double duty while the CEO, Martin Bailey, was on paternity leave. Why was he calling so early?

“Good morning?” Wes asked tentatively when Mike answered.

“Morning.” Mike’s voice was light. Too light. Wes cringed. “What’s going on?”

“Are you alone?”

“Yeah, hold on, I’ll close my door. Okay, we’re private.” His stomach tightened around his breakfast.

“I need to discuss something with you.” “Discuss,” Wes sighed, stood and began to pace.

“Pat Hedges called me. Troy is plateauing in his treat‐ ment. His February surgery is paying dividends, and he’s gaining movement and strength in his legs.” Troy Bremen, former co-leader of the rapid response Bravo Team and current Assistant Executive Director of the flagship San Diego branch was gravely injured during an undercover operation in August.

“That’s great. Why didn’t he tell any of us?” His lips turned up into a brilliant smile.

“It is. He wanted to be sure the improvements were real. Now, he’s begging to come back to work. His vision has improved to 20/30; his upper body strength is growing, and with the improvement from the surgery, he is able to drive.”

“God help us. He couldn’t drive before,” Wes teased. “Can we get him a Humvee?”

Excerpt from Secure Return

Sunday, May 27

"Hi, Daddy.” The cellphone sat tucked beneath Gwendolen North’s chin. “I’m putting you on speaker if that’s okay?”

“Hey, sweetie, of course. You sound good,” Army Lieu‐ tenant General Glenn North said.

“I am. I’m finishing up an assignment in Virginia and will be heading to San Diego on a flight this afternoon.” Gwen packed as she spoke.

Her father slowly pulled in and released a deep breath. “San Diego? Gwen, that worries me.”

“Hey, it means we’ll be in the same state. I can catch a flight and come for a visit.” She put a pair of shoes in a bag and placed it in the bottom of her suitcase.

“You know it’s not because I don’t want you to visit. It’s been a while,” the general said.

“I know. I’m escorting Mr. Bremen to his new post.

He’s San Diego’s second in command. He asked for me specifically. Dad, I’m going as his assistant.” She was going as a mixed bag: security, therapy companion, as well as an assistant. “I can’t abandon him. He’s facing another major surgery.”

“You always do the honorable thing. I’m proud of you.” He cleared his throat. “Gwen, please be careful. You left San Diego for a reason. If you end up leaving your team position to work for Mr. Bremen, or anyone in San Diego, you need to think this through carefully. You don’t need the stress.”

“I know, Daddy.” She played with the locket she wore.

Her dad gave it to her the day she left the Navy.

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