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February 2023: Tender Loving Care book two in the new Chase Care Series is coming soon. Preorder Now.

anuary 2023: Handle with Care book one in the new Chase Care Series is now available.

August 25, 2022: Reckless Obsession, book two in the new Blood Obsession series is now available

July 28, 2022: Ritual Obsession, book one in the new Blood Obsession series, is now available.

March 2022: Secure Runway, the prequel to the Secure series, is available to download for free. Click here to subscribe and get your free copy!

Feb 10, 2022: Secure Beginning, book 7 in the Chase Security series, is now available. 

Sept 9, 2021: Secure Return, book 6 in the Chase Security series is now available.


Handle with Care

Chase Care Series Book 1

A story of revenge, redemption, and love.




Secure Series Prequel

One thing nobody wants to see on the runway this spring: a stalker.

Secure Runway_R.L.Dunn.jpg
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