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The Cure

The only way they can to save each other.

Fleeing New York after a vicious assault, Dr. Evangeline Holden is hoping for a new life for her and her daughter, Madison, when she accepts a position  at Harborview Hospital on the West Coast. While grocery shopping before  her first day on the job, she saves the life of a pregnant woman and  her baby, earning the gratitude and respect of the Stidhams, an entire  family of first responders.

Tacoma Police Department's Sgt. Ryan  Stidham falls ill while investigating the gruesome murder of a young  girl, his infection stemming from contaminated medical equipment found  at the crime scene. When he is rushed to Harborview's ER, Dr. Holden  once again has a chance to save someone in the Stidham family.

Could  Ryan's drug-resistant infection be related to Evangeline's assault four  years prior? She struggles to find the cure while also coming to terms  with the feelings she's developed for Ryan in the short time she's known  him. It's a race against the clock to save Ryan and prevent the madman  behind the lab-created bug from perfecting his bioweapon and unleashing  it on the world.

Authors Note: Intended for Readers 18+ due to graphic language, descriptions, and adult themes.

"What an incredible story. It was jam packed with suspense from beginning to end and just when the reader thinks they know how it will unfold there is another twist."

Excerpt from

Selma laughed. “You can still make me smile.” She bellied up to the table. “Doesn’t look too bad.” She glanced at the computer screen where the laparoscopic picture was displayed. “What was she shot with?”


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