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Secure Beginning

A new beginning is great...if it's not over before it begins...

Kip Brennan has gone from Chase Security’s pinch hitter to Executive Director of the brand-new New Orleans branch. As a hurricane bears down on The Big Easy, getting everything up and running before the storm hits is anything but easy. And there’s a big distraction: the beautiful curvy woman living in the guest cottage of his new home.

Harper Rousselle lives an orderly life as a critical care nurse at a woman’s center. She has a small group of trusted friends and lives with her pregnant sister. Men are not an option. But her new landlord is unlike any man she encountered growing up as a debutante in New Orleans society. 

Rumors are swirling in New Orleans about short staffing, inadequate supplies, and the deaths of female nursing home patients in the facilities the Chase Group is about to purchase. When Harper’s friend is killed by a hit and run driver, she suspects it’s related to a secret clinical trial being run by her bosses and goes to Kip for help.

Can Harper help Kip figure out why patients are dying? And will Kip’s new beginning mark the end for both him and Harper?

The Chase Security Series follows the Chase brothers, Ian and Kieran, and their team of former Navy SEALS and other military officers and is intended for readers 18+ due to adult themes and content.

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