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Secure Decision

One decision can lead to love or tragedy.
Choose wisely.

Wes ”Alamo” Crockett, Senior Executive for Chase Security International, Navy Combat Medic,  and nationally registered Paramedic, has just taken over the Chase Center for Training in Leesburg, Virginia. With no time to recover from a tough mission in New York, he digs deep to oversee operations, including an equine-assisted therapy program to aid disabled veterans. A body is found in a cabin on the edge of the training center’s property, and he’s assigned to run a case involving kidnapped women. As if those duties and his paralyzing self-doubt over what happened in New York isn’t enough, he’s also found himself drawn to the curvaceous blonde who is managing the equine therapists.

Eleanor West is tired of running. Looking for a new beginning, she accepts a position as Director of Equine-Assisted Therapy for the Chase Center. She never expected to encounter a generous man like Wes Crockett. Fighting her attraction to her boss and her negative body image, she attempts to hide her lifetime of painful secrets. But she must make a decision when her secrets threaten to destroy what she cares about most.

Will Eleanor decide to put her life on the line to end the nightmare that’s haunted her since birth?

Must Wes decide between the case of missing women and Eleanor’s trust? Or can he have it all?

The Chase Security Series follows the Chase brothers, Ian and Kieran, and their team of former Navy SEALS and other military officers and is intended for readers 18+ due to adult themes and content.

"I love this series! Every story has its own unique twist and they all have been able to find their happiness in the end. These books are always hard to put down once you have started them. Kudos to the author on another great book."

Excerpt from

“Debakey Clamp.” Hunt followed, and the two surgeons fell into an old rhythm.


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