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Reckless Obsession

If she survives a second time, is love enough to heal her wounds?

Detective Bobbi Wallace had it all: beauty, success, and love. Until one night when a blade pierces her heart. Young, strong, with access to the best doctors, she survives. Her heart beats in her chest, and air fills her lungs, but her thoughts and dreams are no longer hers.

The evil serial killer’s power and delusions have possessed her mind—and he plans to claim her body and life soon enough. Bound in a voodoo haze, can Bobbi escape his obsession once more?

Detective Max Buckley is willing to throw his entire career away and lay down his life to save the woman he loves. Can he hold it together long enough to win her back? And is Bobbi strong enough to let him?

The Blood Obsession Series follows the detectives of the NYPD's 10th Precinct on their quest to bring a cold-blooded serial killer to justice. Along the way there is action, romance, violence, descriptions of voodoo rituals, and graphic depictions of both consensual and nonconsensual sex and murder. Please be advised that many readers will find the story chilling, disturbing and triggering. 

This story has it all happening with designer drugs, overdoses, angst and fear, pain and suffering, one person’s hope to save them all. Especially the one person who splashed into his life and stole his heart.

Excerpt from

Where’s my second pair of hands?” Hunter Montgomery called out.


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