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Home Care

Amidst fears and uncertainties, love and courage will light the way home.

Logan Shepard thought he had it all under control, but after two harrowing missions, he crosses an emotional line that changes everything. His bosses at Chase Care give him a prescription for rest and relaxation at home.

Darby Kendrick is a young police officer working for the small-town police department where Logan’s father is Chief. His dad tells him not to get involved, but her beauty, bravery, and vulnerability keep drawing Logan in.

Kids from the local high school are dying under mysterious circumstances that mirror Darby's past. Can Logan and Darby figure out why before more kids die?

And when Darby is stricken with an illness, Logan is forced to confront his true fears: giving up control and losing someone he loves. Can he care for and protect those he loves when it matters most?

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