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Chase Care Series - Heroes with heart and healing hands - R.L. Dunn



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February 2023 Tender Loving Care book two of the new Chase Care Series is available for preorder.


January 2023 Handle with Care, book one of the new Chase Care Series is now available.

August 2022 Reckless Obsession, book two in the Blood Obsession series is now available.


July 28, 2022: Ritual Obsession, book one in the new Blood Obsession series is now available.


March 2022: Secure Runway, the prequel to the Secure series, is available to download for free. Click here to subscribe and get your free copy!

Feb 10, 2022: Secure Beginning, book 7 in the Chase Security series, is now available. 

"I was blown away by the author's ability to write such a compelling story, a thriller really, with such detail, and frankly such emotion! Again, Wow! I must read more..."

 —Amazon Reader on Secure Desire




Chase Care Series Book 2

There's no better medicine than TLC


Physician Assistant Seth Brady became the single parent of an eight-week old son when his ex-wife passed, but he received a welcome lifeline when he was named the clinical facility director of Chase Care-Denver. Five years later, he becomes involved in Chase Care’s new state-of-the-art drug rehabilitation unit, as well as a public relations push that requires him to—of all things—teach water aerobics at the local aquatic center.

Poppy Fox, a kindergarten instructor and diving coach, has worked hard to maintain her recovery. Men are not part of the program. When Seth Brady literally dives into her life after one of her divers suffers a drug overdose, she may have no choice. He’s one of the good guys, right?

When a rash of overdoses from a designer drug infiltrates the community, can Seth save more from dying…including Poppy? And will Poppy learn to trust a man who wants nothing in return for his tender loving care?

The Chase Care series is a medical/romantic thriller spin-off series from R.L. Dunn’s bestselling Chase Security Series featuring heroes with heart and healing hands. Please be advised that these stories contain adult content that may upset some readers. You do not need to have read the Chase Security Series to enjoy this one. 

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