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Books 4-6

Holding out for a hero? These heroes have everything: brains, brawn, and most of all, heart.

The Chase Security Series follows the Chase brothers, Ian and Kieran, and their team of former Navy SEALS and other military officers and is intended for readers 18+ due to adult themes and content.

Book 4: Secure Her (Zach & Saoirse's Story)

Will his heart open for the right woman?

Zach “Ice” Wentworth has just returned to the office after losing a female operative—his former submissive—in an undercover mission gone wrong. A Dominant since his early days in the Navy, Master Ice craves a new submissive—but not someone he works with. He’s haunted by guilt and has vowed to never lose another female operative under his protection.

US Attorney Saoirse Kennedy arrives in Zach’s office on a mission to stop a prolific human trafficking ring. She’s smart, brave, and decisive when it comes to work, but in matters of the heart, she’s naïve and, unbeknownst to her, a natural submissive.

The female police officers who’ve gone undercover to infiltrate the ring have all ended up dead. Can Master Ice train Saoirse in Dominance and submission well enough for her to complete the mission—and keep herself alive? And when the lines are blurred between reality and their undercover roles, will Zach’s inner demons prevent him from surrendering his heart to the reluctant sub who has unwittingly captured it?

Book 5: Secure Decision (Wes & Ellie's Story)

One decision can lead to love or tragedy.

Choose wisely.

Wes ”Alamo” Crockett is overseeing operations at the new Chase Center for Training, including an equine-assisted therapy program to aid disabled veterans. When a body is found in a cabin on the edge of the property, and he’s assigned to run a case involving kidnapped women, self-doubt paralyzes him.

Eleanor West is tired of running. Looking for a new beginning, she accepts a position as Director of Equine-Assisted Therapy for the Chase Center. She never expected to encounter a generous man like Wes Crockett. Fighting her attraction to her boss and her negative body image, she attempts to hide her lifetime of painful secrets. But she must make a decision when her secrets threaten to destroy what she cares about most.

Will Eleanor decide to put her life on the line to end the nightmare that’s haunted her since birth?

Must Wes decide between the case of missing women and Eleanor’s trust? Or can he have it all?

Book 6: Secure Return (Troy & Gwen's Story)

He’s been a hero for so many. It’s time to be a hero for himself.

Nine months after sustaining horrific injuries during an undercover operation gone sideways, Troy “Greece” Bremen returns to his role as Assistant Executive Director of Chase Security’s flagship branch in San Diego. Facing another difficult surgery, he struggles with the emotional and physical toll of his injuries. His ability to separate his recovery from his leadership role is compromised in the course of questioning victims of sexual assault—it hits too close to home.

Gwen “Witch” North, a former Marine gunner and executive officer for Chase Security’s elite Eagle’s Talon Tango Team, becomes Troy’s assistant after spending weeks with him as part of his security team. But San Diego brings back memories she’d like to forget. Between that and her growing feelings for Troy, she’s not sure she’s cut out for this new position.

As both cope with their pasts, they attempt to forge a future. Can Gwen save Troy from his worst enemy—himself? And can Troy overcome a new set of hurdles in time to save the love of his life?

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