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Books 1-3

Holding out for a hero? These heroes have everything: brains, brawn, and most of all, heart.

The Chase Security Series follows the Chase brothers, Ian and Kieran, and their team of former Navy SEALS and other military officers and is intended for readers 18+ due to adult themes and content.

Book 1: Secure Desire (Ian & Cassie's Story)

Will Ian and Cassie get their second chance at love, or will her secret destroy them both?

Ian Chase has a second chance meeting with the beautiful but elusive Cassie Modine, an FBI agent who specializes in uncovering stolen art. Due to some repressed memories, Cassie doesn't realize she is the target of a vast scheme involving Washington DC's elite. Cassie's enemies need to snuff her out before she can remember what happened that fateful night.

Can Ian keep Cassie safe from harm, or will her desire to shield him from her past obliterate any chance of a happily ever after together?

Book 2: Secure Again (Martin & Elizabeth's Story)

When their lives are on the line, can love save them both?

Surgeon Elizabeth Reed notices a pattern of suspicious injuries to prisoners at the local jail and sets off on a mission to uncover the truth. Former Navy SEAL Martin Bailey, Elizabeth's high school sweetheart, returns to Silverton, Iowa, where his younger brother is recovering from being shot in the line of duty. His brother's case and the mystery Dr. Reed is working to uncover intersect, and Chase Security must solve the mystery of the injured prisoners before more lives are lost.

Will Elizabeth and Marty rekindle their old flame before the complicated web of drug and human trafficking, illicit porn, and prisoner abuse ensnares them both?

Book 3: Secure Heart (Julian & Holly's Story)

Is his heart full enough to fall in love again?

Widower Julian Dupart has been promoted to head of the Chase Security San Diego branch. While settling into his new job and recovering from his grief and alcohol addiction, he's swept into the world of Holly Dupree Morrison, an indie performing artist whose little girl is facing surgery after receiving substandard medication from the Chase Group health center. Not only are Holly and her daughter in danger, but someone is gunning for Julian and Chase Security as well. Meanwhile, San Diego has been plagued by a serial kidnapper who tortures women and abducts their children.

Can Julian and his colleagues figure out where the threats to Holly, the company, and the serial kidnapper intersect before evil has a chance to prevail?

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