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Book 1-3

Chase Care Boxed Set 1
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Heroes with heart and healing hands.

Book 1: Handle With Care

Handle with Care is a story of revenge, redemption, and love.

Dr. Hunter Montgomery’s life has been filled with adrenaline rushes and rendering care, until it comes to a soul-crushing stop when he loses his partner. In the midst of his grief, he is promoted to Chief Medical Officer of Chase Care-New Orleans. Though he accepts the job to move forward, he’s walking directly into his past.

Dr. Selma Bryant, who has devoted most of her professional life to the US Army, now walks into Hunter Montgomery’s operating room and back into the life of the man she always loved. But the past has a way of ruining plans.

When Selma volunteers with Doctor’s Abroad at an African refugee camp, she leaves New Orleans with a secret. She may have run from Hunter, but she can’t run from the deadly outbreak claiming the lives of refugees and volunteers all around her.

As the fatalities pile up, Hunter and the Chase Medical team are called to action to save Selma along with 400,000 souls in the camp. And if they both survive this virus, can Hunter and Selma find their happily ever after almost twenty years in the making?

Book 2: Tender Loving Care

There’s no better medicine than TLC.

Physician Assistant Seth Brady became the single parent of an eight-week old son when his ex-wife passed, but he received a welcome lifeline when he was named the clinical facility director of Chase Care-Denver. Five years later, he becomes involved in Chase Care’s new state-of-the-art drug rehabilitation unit, as well as a public relations push that requires him to—of all things—teach water aerobics at the local aquatic center.

Poppy Fox, a kindergarten instructor and diving coach, has worked hard to maintain her recovery. Men are not part of the program. When Seth Brady literally dives into her life after one of her divers suffers a drug overdose, she may have no choice. He’s one of the good guys, right?

When a rash of overdoses from a designer drug infiltrates the community, can Seth save more from dying…including Poppy? And will Poppy learn to trust a man who wants nothing in return for his tender loving care?

Book 3: Under My Care

Look before you leap is sound advice. If only Pete had followed it...

Pete Walter has worn many hats in his forty-five-years on the planet: leaping into hostile territory as an Air Force pararescue jumper, physician assistant, and now Clinical Facility Director for Chase Care. Jumping into danger is harder at his age, but when he’s called to help rescue a kidnapped mother and daughter, he doesn’t hesitate.

Dr. Rowena Andersen, a divorced single mother of two, has returned to her family’s ranch in Montana, where she works as an ER doctor at Guardian Hospital. The rural location on the outskirts of an American Indian Reservation allows her to keep her kids and her secrets safe.

When a severe blizzard hits, Pete’s and Rowena’s pasts collide and their fates change. Rowena realizes secrets are not so easy to keep. Pete, older and wiser, is willing to sacrifice. They ride a roller coaster of love, spirituality, and skill—but it will take a miracle to survive..

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