Secure Boxed Set 1

Holding out for a hero? These heroes have everything: brains, brawn, and most of all, heart.

Book 1: Secure Desire (Ian & Cassie's Story)

Will Ian and Cassie get their second chance at love, or will her secret destroy them both?

Can Ian keep Cassie safe from harm, or will her desire to shield him from  her past obliterate any chance of a happily ever after together?

Book 2: Secure Again (Martin & Elizabeth's Story)

When their lives are on the line, can love save them both?

Will  Elizabeth and Marty rekindle their old flame before the complicated web  of drug and human trafficking, illicit porn, and prisoner abuse ensnares them both?

Book 3: Secure Heart (Julian & Holly's Story)

Is his heart full enough to fall in love again?

Can Julian and his colleagues figure out where the  threats to Holly, the company, and the serial kidnapper intersect before  evil has a chance to prevail?

The series continues in Book #4, Secure Her. A second boxed set of Books 4-6 is available!

The  Chase Security Series follows the Chase brothers, Ian and Kieran, and  their team of former Navy SEALS and other military officers and is  intended for readers 18+ due to adult themes and content.

"These stories are full of action, adventure, alpha males, and strong women."

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Check out the individual book pages for excerpts, and read teasers below from each book.

Excerpt from Secure Desire

To hell with the bastard. He doesn’t own your right to come here. Look at the sights you’re missing.”

“Sophie pointed to two handsome men working on laptops. “They’re serious eye candy.” 

“You’re right, Soph. Maybe it is time.”

Sophie turned serious. “Cass, you have to say some‐ thing. You can’t let Wilds get away with this.”

“Look, I stopped him before he got too far. If I report it, it’s ‘he said, she said.’ And, Soph, believe me, I’m not the first female agent Wilds has done this to.”

Sophie scowled. “You can live with that?”

“This time, I have no choice. I am not the one to fight this battle. Wednesday night is the event, and when the job is complete, I’ll be free of him. I can come back to our divi‐ sion. Besides, the reality is, even without my personal history, if I say anything, I’m a pariah.”

The athletically thin, raven-haired woman with golden- hazel eyes tapped her fiery red fingernails against the table‐ top. “Cassie, please. If this were happening to me, you’d be rattling sabers, screaming sexual harassment.”

“Wilds has a lot of power. You know the FBI is part of the good ole boys club. I had to jump through extra hoops to get where I am. It’s a temporary assignment.” Her voice was low. “No one will help without it backfiring on them. I can’t ask anyone to risk his or her career.” She placed the catalog of Nouveau Art in front of them, effectively changing the topic. “What do you say, after Memorial Day, a weekend in New York?”

Suddenly, Cassie’s skin prickled. A repellant smell swarmed her senses: an oriental cologne with amber notes mixed with sweat and clove cigarettes. An overpowering feeling of nausea washed over her, and goosebumps erupted down her arms. The visceral reaction was so strong, she wrapped her fingers around her cup to ward off the icy feeling enveloping her.

She scanned the area. No one appeared threatening or familiar. The aroma dissipated into a cloud of steam from a fresh latté. She concentrated hard to maintain her flagging self-control. Breathe in. One, two, three. Out.

Excerpt from Secure Again

Tuesday, July 9th

Dr. Elizabeth Reed walked into the depart‐ ment of medical records. For privacy reasons, non-active files could not be accessed via computer. "Hello, may I see these files, please?"

Naomi Sanchez took the list from her. "There are quite a few listed. Why do you need them?"

Digging her shoe into the linoleum floor, her expression matched a little girl caught playing with her mom's makeup. "Shh, don't tell anybody; I forgot to include my admission summary in a few charts. The bigwigs mailed me an admo‐ nition. I want to make sure I didn't miss any more."

The real reason for her review she kept private. The cases pertained to transports from the Silverton Jail. She suspected abuse by the jailers.

"Okay. The third office on the left is empty."

Papers in hand, Elizabeth closed and secured the door behind her. A shiver ran through her body as she read each operative report. Pictures showed similar patterns of hemor‐ rhage. After photographing several pages, she composed herself and returned the folders with a wave. "Thank you. Have a nice day."

Martin "Farmer" Bailey spent his morning weeding the flower beds of the Falls Church, Virginia, foreclosure he bought on Lake Barcroft. The six-bedroom lake‐ front home was a haven from his job as Chief Executive Officer for the restructured Chase Security International. The shower sprayed away a layer of dirt and perspiration. Humming, he remembered working on his family farm as a kid. Thoughts turned to a cherished woman from his youth—Elizabeth.

As he was toweling off, Mercutio, his clownish coon cat, meowed, his magical yellow eyes glowing. "What? Are you thinking of Queen Mab?" Then he quoted from Romeo and Juliet, "She gallops night by night through lovers' brains, and then they dream of love." With a sigh, he put the past where it deserved to be and proceeded to the office.

Excerpt from Secure Heart

Thursday, May 11th

“I’m an emotional recluse,” Julian Dupart remembered telling Ian Chase. His heart had remained in the stunning ivory casket.

Resurrection vines crawled along the sprawling oak branches, forming a canopy above the Passebon family crypt. Julian approached, each step feeling heavier than the last. Carrying a large bouquet of white magnolias, he made his way to a stone bench.

Bonjour, Chérie. Happy Birthday. I brought your favorites.” The fragrant flowers rested beneath the name Delphine Passebon Dupart. Julian's hand moved in the sign of the cross, and he bowed his head in prayer. Inhaling, he said, “I have a new duty station. Ian is sending me to San Diego.”

A memory of a conversation from 1994 floated in on the Louisiana mist.

Chérie, we’re going to San Diego.” He picked Delphine up and swung her around.

“I’m so proud of you, Julian. A SEAL.” Delphine peppered his face with kisses. “Just know, I’m going to exter‐ minate those toad women.” She brandished her protective claws in reference to the women who chased Navy SEALs.

“Toad women? Chérie, they’re frog hogs. And you, Mrs. Dupart, will be my only one.” Giggles fell from her lips as he tossed her over his shoulder and headed toward their bedroom.

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