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Ritual Obsession

Bobbi has walked the line between two worlds for a while now. Now those two worlds are life and death.

New York City, 1995

As a teen, Roberta “Bobbi” Wallace made her debut in high society. Now she’s making her debut as detective only a few years after a dare led her to join the NYPD.

Max Buckley, a product of Brooklyn and a fifteen-year veteran of the NYPD, is forever changed when Bobbi is assigned to replace a cocky rookie killed in the line of duty.

New York City is under siege, possessed by a truly diabolical serial killer dubbed The Bathtub Murderer. Assigned to a task force to identify and stop the killer—and against Max’s best advice—Bobbi goes undercover to catch the man killing women who look like her.

As the squad attempts to solve the puzzle of the serial killer’s bloody obsession with hazel-eyed brunettes, Max and Bobbi try to balance their jobs with their undeniable connection. Now that Bobbi has stolen his heart, can Max prevent her from becoming the Bathtub Murderer’s next victim?

The Blood Obsession Series follows the detectives of the NYPD's 10th Precinct on their quest to bring a cold-blooded serial killer to justice. Along the way there is action, romance, violence, descriptions of voodoo rituals, and graphic depictions of both consensual and nonconsensual sex and murder. Please be advised that many readers will find the story chilling, disturbing and triggering. 

Journey along as we find out how these heroic men and women put their live on the line to save others.

Excerpt from

The doors to the operating room opened, and in walked Selma Bryant. “Hey, Hunt, I thought we’d have time to talk before this.” A nurse helped her into the gown and sterile gloves. “I heard about Pam. I’m so sorry.” Her Southern accent wrapped around him like a familiar embrace.


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