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Critical Care

Love and destiny are on a collision course…

Tim Holland, a seasoned pararescue jumper and facility director at Chase Care in Washington, DC, has dedicated his life to saving others. With a tight-knit circle of friends and a steadfast commitment to his career, he's built a life filled with purpose—until a life-threatening personal battle threatens to turn his world upside down.

Willow Colson leads a wandering life as a traveling nurse, trying to outrun a past filled with bad relationships. She has a passion for healing and a mission to care for those in need.

Chase Care discovers chemotherapy drugs are being tampered with, putting countless lives at risk. Willow, Tim, and a man from her tumultuous past must forge an unlikely alliance to unravel the mystery and put a stop to the evil forces at play.

As Tim faces his darkest hour and Willow confronts her past, their journey becomes intertwined with a race against time. Will they uncover the evil forces before the unspeakable occurs? Join Tim and Willow in this heart-pounding tale of love, sacrifice, and the relentless fight for survival in the face of darkness.

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