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Secure Again

Dr. Elizabeth Reed is a trauma surgeon at Horizon Hospital in Silverton Iowa. She prides herself on knowing the value of human life and doing everything in her power to save anyone who ends up on her table. When prisoners from the local jail start coming in with similar mysterious injuries, she sets off on a mission to uncover the truth.

Martin “Farmer” Bailey is settling into his new role as the CEO of Chase Security International when he’s called home for a family emergency. His brother, Austin, has been shot in the line of duty while investigating the assault of a young child. It’s up to Elizabeth to ensure Austin’s heart keeps beating, but it’s hard for Martin to keep faith when she’s the same woman that shattered his twenty years earlier. Will Elizabeth be able to overcome Martin’s distrust?

Martin Bailey’s investigation of his brother’s critical wounds and Doctor Elizabeth Reed’s investigation into prisoner injuries put the long-lost lovers on a collision course where all roads lead to the Silverton Jail. Will the men and women of Chase Security International be able to solve the mystery before a misstep leads to Martin and Elizabeth’s physical or emotional downfall? When death comes knocking, will anyone survive?


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Secure Desire

The Chase Group is an international conglomerate including a division specialized in Venture Capital Investments and a division serving as a major private protection contractor meeting the security needs of corporations in the US and abroad, non-governmental US based organizations, the corporate sector and high value targets—Chase Security It’s 35,000 employees, mostly retired military and law enforcement worldwide, net billions in annual return.

Started by brother’s Ian And Kieran Chase with fourteen men they served with as part of the military’s special forces, the company strives to provide their services free from money and politics.

Ian has everything he wants, family, friends and a company he loves, but he realizes he misses something. An encounter with the beautiful Cassiopeia Ellis makes him acutely aware. He misses having someone to love and build his own family with.

Cassiopeia Ellis was born into a loving family. Sheltered from the world’s less savory things, she is unprepared when her insulated world implodes. The brilliant Art Historian and Painter has been forced by betrayal to reinvent herself. Suppressing both the joy and evil she has encountered Cassie returns to the DC Beltway as a highly capable FBI agent.

A second chance encounter with Billionaire Ian Chase, leaves her unsure again. Emotionally and physically scarred, Cassie shields herself from any connection that may hurt her. He incites feelings that she fears and feels she doesn’t deserve. Ian refuses to let her get away again.

When nightmares mix with memories, Cassie’s life is in grave danger. Ian and his team of soldiers and medics use everything in their power to uncover the secrets she has buried to heal her and in the process, save America.


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Blood Obsession

Stunning Roberta (Bobbi) Wallace lives a life of privilege amidst New York City’s high society. After losing her NYPD fiancé, she is emotionally put in her place by his partner.

Attempting to straddle both worlds Bobbi joins the force and is quickly promoted to detective. This immediately draws her into conflict with her new partner and ignites an attraction with the older, seasoned detective Max Buckley.

Bobbi is still unsure of her true place in the world she lives in when an old boyfriend returns just as an obsessed serial killer targets her with the crazed notion that her death at his hand will make him all powerful.

Fighting her own insecurities interferes with her investigation as she desperately tries to uncover the identity of the killer, while falling in love with Max at the same time

Can she survive the pressure, personally and professionally? And is Max strong enough to save her from herself and the obsession that now threatens to destroy them both?


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